The Workforce


This is the Southern Career and Workforce System.

Written by the South's Government

In the south, the government controls 100% of all markets, meaning that there is no requirement for providing pay. Still, a viable workforce is necessary to support the Southern trade economy. Work:

  • Between 21 and the age of inability to work any longer.
  • Required for every citizen.
  • Between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.

A Labor Worker works in jobs requiring more physical exertion and mental exertion than leadership and mental strength. Their jobs are chosen for them by a Guide before they begin training and they are employed in lower level positions, usually under one or more government officials. Labor Worker Examples:

  • Nurse
  • Soldier
  • Mail Tailor
  • Police Worker

A Government Officer works in jobs requiring more leadership and mental strength. A Government Officer is (most often) able to pick their own career, at age 11, and begin training. They employee in high level positions and have access to more government information. Government Official Examples:

  • Doctor
  • Xenosoldier
  • Mailtaint
  • Sectional Police
  • Guide

    Info from Guide Prerequisites, Recovered Items

    What are 'Xenosoldiers, Mailtaints and Sectional Police?'

    As per a recent communication, Xenosoldiers are a type of soldier that leads a group of soldiers. Similarly, Sectional Police lead a permunity section of the police force. However, the Mailtaint position is still very mysterious and unknown.