Recovered Items


9th Grade History Textbook


    Page 1

    Notice the intense negative connotation in words used to describe the U.S.

    Page 2

    This textbook fails to establish what the Southern Ideals actually were, which they were unfortunatly Slavery. From what I've come to know, Slavery persisted until the early 20th Century, and Civil Rights are still heavily abused today in the South.

    Page 3

    Quite ironically, the South actually bribed Northern Government officials a few years earlier, that was the exact way they were able to introduce all of the Mexican Territory as States so quickly.

    The way in which they describe gold is quite interesting...

    Page 4

    From what I've come to know, superior strategy did not actually win the Civil War for the Confederacy, though it was particularly short. The real reason for their win is still unkown.

    Page 5

    This texbook describes these territorial gains as from the will of the occupied states, while, from what I've come to know, all of the annexed countries were invaded quickly and quietly.

    Page 6

    Notice how they refer to themselves as the 'Confederacy.' Soon, as the aboloshiment of slavery is made so that the South is not exempt from Trade, the name suddenly changes to 'The South,' without any explanation.

    Page 7


    Page 8

    I guess we're 'rebellious Northerners,' ;)

    Page 9

    Basically, this is an Oligarchy.

    Page 10

    The year this textbook was created, The Wise suddenly dissapeared, causing a scramble in the government. From what I have come to know, The Skilled became The Wise while the Defense Deputy became the new The Skilled.

    Page 11

    An interesting set of rules... I wonder what became of our callers.

    1980s Propaganda


    This propaganda poster came previous to the full communication technology ban in the South. It warns not to use phones in this time to contact outside the South. The introduction of the internet in the '90's caused too many communication incidents so they decided to ban the technology all together.

    1995 "Master Rule" List


    Supposedy this poster was to be hung in public places and homes after the Master Rules were revised with the addition of the prohibition of outside communication in 1995. It would serve as a reminder of government enforcement and the most serious crimes.

    Prequesite Pamphlet for Guide Training


    After the nine year training process in the Education Center described in this pamphlet, supposedly, the current Guides, who overlooked the process the entire time, sometimes would choose one to three people fit to be the next Guide. Tis pamphlet was supposed to be given to them after chosen, at around age twenty. Shortly after this, they would swear an oath to the South and officially join the six year training program. If these Guides wre chosen for the next position up the ladder, such as territorial Guide, they would have to attend another year of training.

    Prequesite Pamphlet for Guide Training

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    This is an Alert from the Southern EAS, telling citizens to rid their screens. It took place just after the ban in January 1995.